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About IĠM

The Institute of Maltese Journalists (IGM) was founded as The Malta Press Club on 3 November, 1989, following a suggestion by Joseph Brockdorff, chairman of BPC International Limited, a public relations and advertising company, who approached the editors of the local media and offered his help in the setting up of an association grouping together media practitioners.

Founding Members

Previous attempts to set up a journalists’ association all failed after a few months, partisan political reasons almost inevitably contributed towards their downfall.

The founding members of The Malta Press Club are: Anthony Montanaro, deceased (The Sunday Times), Charles Grech Orr (The Times), Evarist Bartolo (Il-Helsien), Felix Agius (l-orizzont), Joe A. Vella (Malta News), Mario Schiavone (in-Nazzjon), Joe Cassar (Il-Mument), Manwel Zammit (Broadcasting Malta – the precursor of PBS Ltd) and Carmel Bonello of BPC.

Officially Recognised

For the first 12 years The Malta Press Club was supported almost entirely by BPC, providing it with its premises and other financial and logistical support. In 2001  BPC decided that, once its objective of seeing a press club thriving had been achieved, it felt there was no longer a need for its 100% support and, consequently, terminated its official association with the IGM although it still enjoys retains excellent relations with the IĠM.

Fortunately, The Malta Press Club prevailed this time and it has made great progress since its inception. The Institute of Maltese Journalists (IGM), as the former Press Club is known today, is officially recognised by the government and all other Maltese institutions, including the Judiciary, the Roman Catholic Church and the Commissioner of Police.


IĠM joined forces

With IFJ and EFJ

The name change to the Institute of Maltese Journalists (IGM) took place in 2004 because it was felt that the Press Club’s role had changed over the years, and also to enable it to join the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) as members.


The objectives of the Institute of Maltese Journalists
  • Encourage journalists to work jointly
  • Provide professional services to journalists
  • Implement measures for self-regulation
  • Raise professional and educational standards
  • Protect the freedom of expression

provide an effective, efficient means for journalists, grouped within it, to work jointly for the development of journalism and to strengthen friendly relations and co-operation.

provide the facilities and professional and personal services necessary for journalists to make use of every opportunity to improve their abilities and qualifications in sharing mutual experiences.

implement measures to ensure self-regulation and self-discipline while promoting the highest moral values at all times in the carrying out of members’ professional responsibilities, always conscious of the fact that information and communication play a significant part in the personal development of each individual citizen and in the evolution of society and democracy.

work for the journalistic profession to raise professional and educational standards, and acquire the recognition and respect it deserves, primarily as a public service.

protect the fundamental right to freedom of information and freedom of expression.

Establishing Contacts
Over the years the IGM established contacts with other press organisations abroad. Apart from being a member of the IFJ and the EFJ, being accepted by a unanimous vote in 2019 after an absence of a number of years, it is a founder member of the Alliance of Independent Press Clubs of Europe, and a member of the Federation of European Press Clubs, the Federation of Mediterranean Journalists and the Washington Press Association.

In 2019, IĠM was acknowledged by IFJ as the sole representative in Malta to apply for International Press Cards on behalf of interested journalists in Malta.

International Press Card Benefits

  • Instant Recognition as a journalist
  • Easy Accreditation
  • Hotline 24 hours per day
  • Assistance across the globe
  • Solidarity amongst journalists' unions

Highlights and Recognitions

  • IĠM recognises the Malta Sports Journalists Association as the official sports media association in Malta. Following a resolution during the 2016 IĠM General Meeting, all GħĠS members are automatically members of the IGM.
  • One of the highlights of the IGM’s activities are the Malta Journalism Awards, which are held annually to encourage and give recognition to work carried out by journalists in various categories, in the print, broadcasting and electronic media.

The enactment of The Code of Journalistic Ethics

One of the first activities of the IGM was the enactment of a Code of Journalistic Ethics and the setting up of a Press Ethics Commission (PEC) to deal with complaints against journalists arising from this Code.

The IGM considers as its greatest achievement the changes made to the Malta Press Act. As a result of its talks with Government officials, changes were enacted to the Press Act, which today incorporates the Confidentiality of the Source, Qualified Privilege, the Right for Information and the Right of Reply. The IGM works closely with the Strickland Foundation, which is the major shareholder of Allied Newspapers, a leading publishing house on the island.